Sunday, January 25, 2015

Prada in Vienna

Hey guys,
today I want to show you our Prada store here in Vienna.Recently I bought my card holder and I went for Prada one.So I decided to take a few pictures for my blog and also I was testing it for the last few weeks and I'm still loving it very much.I also love to put it on my pictures cause it gives them something extra,at least I think so haha.Here are the pictures that I took for you guys :

A letter from Prada :

xo Darko

Monday, January 12, 2015

Darko Lukac Sketches

Hey guys,
today I got sent these beautiful sketches of myself and I really had to post them on my blog.The name of the guy who draw them is Firdausahmed88 on instagram and he is a malaysian fashion illustrator.I'm really impressed ! Also the bracelet on the sketches from my dear friend Rachel from Toronto and her instagram is Ellabyrachels.

xo Darko

Let's put a few outfits together ..

Hey guys,
I get a lot likes on my instagram and people always comment how chic and lux I look.So today I will share with you a few pieces that I would buy,so you can all get inspired how to put your outfits together.I went to Esprit website and picked up a few things.

How I like to start my outfit is with my pants - I usually wear chinos and have them in all colors but today I picked up my three favorite colors,the colors that you can combinate so well with other clothing pieces.So my fav chinos would be a blue one,beige/creme and dark red.

So you can see better the fit (I always go for very fitted chinos) here are the pictures :

Now when you have your chinos,it's so easy.Grab some shirts for example:

This two colors work perfect for the all three chinos, with these five pieces you 6 different looks.
Also you can wear a jeans shirt it's now IN - not my thing put you can give it a try.

If classic shirts are not your thing but you still want a style that goes in my direction,I would suggest a polo,cause it's winter here is one polo with long sleeves in blue color.

 Now you need one nice blazer,chic or more casual - both works:

If you don't want to wear blazer,a nice cardigan would be also an option :


Also my obsession would be these sweaters :

 Now grab some shoes and that decision I will totally leave for you to make and I would suggest a nice watch and you are ready for the town - in the summer a nice shades,trust me it's totally worth to give more money for accessories cause even if they are small people gonna see them !

xo Darko

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Louis Vuitton in Vienna

Hey guys,
today I'm so excited about this fashion post cause it's about one of my favorite stores/fashion brands in Vienna - Louis Vuitton.I got asked a few times why don't I take pictures when I go to these high fashion stores and the thing is I usually forget about taking pictures and secondly it's stupid to take pictures in there cause of the all securities.But this time I went to buy me a key holder which I'm gonna use for the coins and of course my keys.So I took a few pictures of the store and it was crowded.So many tourists,so many screaming full of happiness cause their husbands got them a new Louis Vuitton bag,it was so nice to be there.I must admit that it was so much fun to take pictures in there so I can show you all how it is at Louis Vuitton Store here in Vienna.I'm always curious to see all the shops around the world haha.I post a lot on instagram so if you don't follow me what are you waiting for : DarkoLukac.This is our Louis Vuitton store and it's located at Goldenes Quartier and the shop is huge :

 This is from our Christmas Lunch,was so pretty and delicious at Tully's House - she is such an amazing host.

xo Darko