Saturday, September 13, 2014

Let's do some online shopping ..

Hey guys,
some of you may know that I'm studying pharmacy and since two weeks I have been trapped in laboratory for like 8 hours straight every day and when I come home I need to learn for the next day about my experiments.So I have been doing some online "shopping" you know how you say to yourself "well when I finish this laboratory I'm gonna buy me everything" haha so yes I was saying exactly those words to myself.So I found some cute pieces that I wanted to share with you guys and they are all from Ottoversand , that's very popular website here in Austria for online shopping cause they have so many fashion brands.I think that the details are most important thing for an outfit.For example these watches, I think they are timeless :

Also I like this Hoddie/Sweater :

Also what I saw is that "Ombre" effect is very IN this season,I personally don't mind and I'm not sure if I still like it or not :

But what I like are V neck sweaters and I have them in every single color cause I think they are timeless:

Maybe some bracelets:

Plus cool shades :

And you are ready to go !

As I already mentioned all products are from Ottoversand.

I'm really enjoying this type of fashion posts where I can pick out some products for you guys and it's easier for me at the moment cause I'm really busy and don't have time do go out and take some new pictures.In a two or three weeks I'm starting with fashion shoots so be ready for new outfits!

xo Darko

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome to Designer Outlet Parndorf

Hey guys,
today I want to share with you my trip to Parndorf,it's a designer outlet not so far away from Vienna - 40min with the car.It's like a small city with so many small houses where you can find almost all fashion brands which makes shopping really easy.The good thing is that next to new collections you also have collection from last seasons and if you are lucky you can find something in your size.I tried to take as many as pictures I could.The weather is getting better for outdoor shoots and I got some new clothes that I would love to show you,so expect new Outfit Of the Day posts.Now let's go back to my today's topic Parndorf.The cool thing is that you also have a map so it's easier for you to find the shop that you are looking for and also you have some restaurans and coffee shops.It was my first time there and I was excited and didn't know where to go nor what to buy haha.So I decided to visit Gucci shop,it's still one of my favorite fashion brands and they have amazing loafers that I can't get enough off.Got myself yellow horsebit loafers and gucci scarf that I really wanted for so long.So enjoy the pictures from my trip and expect new outfits post very soon.Also I want to have more topics on my blog besides Outfit of the day thing,so if something interesting happens in my life I will try to blog it or if I find some cool website for online shopping,will do again "How to style ...".Also don't forget to follow me on Instagram: DarkoLukac.

xo Darko

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Let me style you ...

Hey guys,
hope everyone is doing well.I'm learning for my exams and everytime when I take a break from learning I check out online stores and I prefer online shopping in the summer cause it's too hot to walk around the stores and you sweat a lot,so what I do is to pick up few pieces online and then when I go to the stores I know exactly what I want.Cause I really get a lot comments on my style today wanted to do a different type of the post.I will show you how to easily style few looks that would be perfect for summer and you can wear them during the day as well night time.This time I chose Esprit ,so all pieces that you see on the pictures are from Esprit online shop.You probably all know that I'm really into classy preppy look cause I think it's timeless and it just looks amazing,I can't get enough of polos,button up shirts and nice chinos.So let's start with the looks :

First look that I wanted to share with you would be more for a date night,or just going out with your friends to drink some cocktails.And I think that everyone should have one classy navy blue or beige trenchcoat - they are always fashionable.

Second look that I created for you would be more for a day outfit,maybe walking around the city with your friends,or just sitting at some beach club and even I would go to swimming pool dressed like this,it looks very posh preppy and I absolutely love the colors.

For my third look I wanted to play with bright pink cause I think it's a MUST HAVE polo for summer,it looks amazing on tanned skin and plus in combo with white chinos you can't go wrong, just can't ! Cool sunglasses and boat shoes and you are so ready to take over the city !

For my fourth look I decided to go back to blue,and let me tell you that blue is my favorite color.You can do so much with this color ! I wanted to show you that two bright color can be a perfect combo , blue and orange.And not to kill this perfect combo I decided to put basic pieces in basic colors so that these two colors can pop out.

I can't believe that we came so fast to the last look and for this look I wanted to put navy blue color with this beautiful coral chinos,I love this combo with nice silver watch.And again you can wear this during the day or night time.That's what I love about my outfits,they are so flexible.

xo Darko

Friday, June 6, 2014

Windy Vienna - OOTD

Hey guys,
here is my new outfit of the day.I took this picture before 2 months and forgot to edit it cause I have so many folders on my pc and sometimes I even forget about the pictures that I have.Lately I'm being busy with my college so it's hard to post new pictures on Instagram or write a new fashion post.But gonna try to change that.

Today's look is perfect for Vienna cause if you live near danube river that you already know how windy it gets.So it's lovely good to have your scarf with you.The weather is finally getting better and I really hope to finally feel summer!

Today I'm wearing :

Chinos - Marc O'Polo
Button Up - Zara
Sunglasses -  Carrera
Scarf - Zara
Shoes - Zara
Belt - Gucci
Watch - Jacques Lemans

xo Darko

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sailor Darko Ahoj

Hey guys,
today I will share with you my new outfit of the day.Before few days I went shopping and found this polo shirt in two different colors so I had to buy them both even if I prefer the navy blue one that I showed you in my last post.The weather keeps changing the whole time in Vienna and it's really hard to dress properly and take pictures cause you can never tell if it gonna rain or maybe it gonna be too windy.I have been busy studying for my exams and I'm trying to go at least a few times a week in the gym.

Hope all of you are having a nice time cause I'm really not a fan of this strange rainy weather haha.Also on saturday was a Life Ball here in Vienna and it amazing just like every other year.You see so many celebrities and artistic people.Now let's move on to my outfit shall we ?!

Today I'm wearing:

Polo - Zara
Chinos - Zara
Shoes - Zara
Watch - Gucci

Of course it has to be blue white combo haha.

xo Darko

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nautical Outfit Of The Day - Darko Lukac

Hey guys,
here is new look that I really like ! I wanted to change it a little bit up and went with a Polo and Chinos , it's really hot in Vienna for Button Up Shirts but I will still wear them.I love nautical look ,my favorite colors for the summer are blue,white and brown - but I also wear orange,pink and yellow cause it really looks good on the tanned skin and I'm pretty much tanned !

Also I'm really excited about the Saturday night cause it's LifeBall 2014 and Ricky Martin,Christina Perri,Leona Lewis and other celebrities gonna perform and it's the biggest ball in the world - every year it's an amazing event.If you want to know details about it you can easily google it !

Now let's go back to my outfit.Today I'm wearing :

Polo - Zara
Chinos - Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes - Zara
Watch - Calvin Klein
Bracelet - Ellaellos

xo Darko